The Love Crisis

There is a crisis going on in our society today. There are more people on this planet than ever before, and yet people are lonelier than they have ever been. We reach out on social media (yes I see the irony here) and have hundreds of “friends” yet we know less about all of them combined, than our parent’s did about their neighbors.

We, I, don’t have a people problem, but a heart problem. We have lost our hearts to the things of the world. We live on superficial relationships, that offer nothing to either party but a kind word, or a smile. Deep friendships, the kind developed over years of laughing and crying together, are the rarest commodity. We, as a society, throw away human life as if it is garbage, and divide ourselves over flags, lions, and legal definitions.

We have rearranged our priorities in life and placed money, things and ideals over the very thing that should bind us together. Love. This world is sorely lacking in love. Oh sure, we “love” our friends, and our families, but the idea that passes for love in today’s society is nothing more than a word, sometimes attached to a feeling. If this love was real love, friendships wouldn’t be so easily discarded, promises broken or families divided.

The few people that display real love are often the loneliest of all. Those people truly understand what love is, and they give it every second of every day, but almost never really receive it. Oh sure, people give them love back, but it’s the cheap kind of love that society has produced. It’s like beholding the beauty of a gemstone, picking the most beautiful one, and giving it away to someone; only to have them hand you back a plastic dime store stone, never understanding the difference.

You see once you understand what real love is, anything else is cheap, and ugly. Search your heart. There is a place deep down where real love exists. Maybe it’s just a spark, or a fading ember, but it’s there. It’s time to stoke the fire, and add fuel. It’s time to take a stand for something that really matters. Love. If we learn to love again, truly love one another, then everything else will fade away.